Powerful Tablet App with Picture Exchange

SPEAKall!® is a tablet app differentiated with a special feature set for children with autism spectrum and developmental disorders

The outcome of using SPEAKall!® is to train the child to find their voice and produce audible speech. SPEAKall!® focuses on language learning and natural speech development based on a system developed by Dr. Oliver Wendt at Purdue University which incorporates the Picture Exchange Communication System into an iPad app.


Develop spoken sentences

The app has two visible parts on the screen: a top row and a bottom row. The top has pictures and symbols, and the bottom is a storyboarding strip where learners can drag and drop the pictures to create sentences. These pictures can include objects, feelings or anything relevant to the child.

Easily Edited

The SPEAKall!® app has powerful administrator capabilities. It is simple to take a picture and add it to the media library. Audio can be recorded in familiar voices.

Increase Vocabulary

Different feature sets are available and can be moved between activities.

Easy transition from Picture Exchange to iPad

SPEAKall!® has an interface very similar to picture communication books, and can easily be used within the format of exchange-based instruction.



Engaging and Entertaining

SPEAKall!® is easy to program and can be used intuitively by parents and family members to provide learner appropriate pictures and activities.

SPEAKall!® is used by all ages

SPEAKall!® provides a communication platform that can grow with the learner from early childhood through adolescence into adulthood. SPEAKall!® can easily be equipped with adult-oriented content that is age appropriate, Please contact us for examples out of the Purdue Speech-Language Clinic.


SPEAK MODalities is dedicated to providing the best evidence backed software solutions for developing language skills in children with autism and delays in speech development.


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